Coronavirus - delivery situation at Outlet46

Coronavirus - delivery situation at Outlet46


Current delivery time 1 - 2 working days!

We are still there for you and will do everything we can to help you to offer the usual, reliable service. Internal measures to contain and combat SARSCoV-2 have been implemented. Our shipping service provider DHL is obliged to receive it Confirm your shipment yourself at the front door (you don't have to sign!). That means the delivery is contactless so far. We are sure we will master this time together and you continue with our goods despite the challenges supply.

We can reassure you!

"Professor Ulrike Protzer, virologist from the Helmholtz Center at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) says on February 27, 2020 on BR request that it is extremely unlikely to be a virus is transmitted by letter or parcel. "The absorbent Surface of a package or a letter and the transport to the Air would certainly dry out the virus and with it its shell break something. In addition, the virus genome is broken when you use it exposed to the sun or UV light. "

Further information on the course of SARS-CoV-2 in the Source!

Quelle: https://www.br.de/nachrichten/wissen/faq-coronavirus-diewichtigsten-fragen-und-antworten,Rorgu8D

Stay healthy & show solidarity

Your Outlet46 team

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