Do you also have sustainable fashion brands ? A question that us in the has been asked more and more frequently in recent years. Basically yes! We have sustainable fashion brands! Just what is actually a sustainable Fashion brand and how do you define sustainability.

There are many synonyms, such as fair fashion, eco fashion, green Fashion, organic fashion, eco fashion, sustainable fashion etc.. There are many terms are basically terms for fashion, in their production, Sourcing & Care is taken to ensure that neither environment nor human comes to harm.

We at Outlet46.de have been sustainable for more than 20 years right from the start. We explain why briefly:

Outlet46.de sells alongside sustainable brands and fashion, such as Veja or Terra Luna that have been produced sustainably only goods that have already been produced and carries these goods back into the fashion cycle.

A long sentence that may not make sense to many.

Outlet46.de works sustainably based on its concept.


Outlet46.de only offers goods that have already been produced. That means we don't commission anyone with a production of fashion, Shoes & Accessories. We buy goods that are already on the market and ensure that when you buy a new part from us less has to be produced for the future.
We buy goods from the pre-season, so-called off-season fashion or goods that were simply produced too much, so-called Surplus goods.

The fashion works with trends and the commercial fashion brands and Retailers always want to present the latest to the customer. the constant change in collections means that we always come back with new goods are supplied. So if you like we recycle them Fashion from fashion brands & retailers.

For us it is not important whether the article is currently trend, but quality & Price is our priority and included we protect the environment and your wallet. We usually have discounts between 40 to 90% on the non-binding price Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price.

You can also recognize, for example, sustainable fashion in our items above on the left of the pictures using the "Sustainable" seal. In addition, there is the item description of the respective item further information about seals, Production type etc.

If you have any further questions or need information, please write to us on kundendienst@outlet46.de

See you soon!
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